Our Story

We Are Clearly Beautiful

Women around the world want to look, and feel beautiful, as well as smell fragrant, without harsh chemicals or skin irritants in their daily beauty, and skincare routine. Hence, Body Shugar was introduced to the world. Natural Skincare expert, and entrepreneur Vernetta Rolon, has been dedicated to bringing progressively moisturizing, and exfoliating products, to the innovative, and always changing beauty market, with remarkable results.

Natural and organic beauty products do not have to be boring or bland, to be effective, and enhance our own naturally beautiful skin. Being in love with beautiful and luxurious ideas, Vernetta wanted to create a different side, to what naturally organic skincare looked and felt like.  Body Shugar formulates with less use of heavy pore-clogging oils and butters, and more use of lighter, deeply moisturizing and, highly exceptional ingredients from around the world. The result is proprietary formulations, that leave your skin indulgently fragrant, incredibly soft, radiantly glowing, nourished, and clearly beautiful. 


Owner, CEO of Body Shugar

Vernetta Rolon

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Where Luxury Meets Wellness


We want you to feel glamorous and beautiful when you use our extraordinary products. We always believe in self-care. The look, touch, feel, and scent, should give you an experience of a royal. Wellness comes in many different forms and is different for everyone. We celebrate your wellness, by enabling our products to cover every inch of your body. Our goal is to provide a self-care and wellness regimen that deserves nothing but the very best.